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3 Talking with signs: A simple method to detect nouns and numbers in a non-annotated signs language corpus
Action Recognition Full Paper Poster
Huiza, Eric Huiza; Olivares, César

4 Assistive signals for deep neural network classifiers
Explainable AI Full Paper Poster
Pestana, Camilo Andres Pestana; Glance, David; Liu, Wei; Owens, Robyn A; Mian, Ajmal

8 I Only Have Eyes for You: The Impact of Masks On Convolutional-Based Facial Expression Recognition
Biometrics Full Paper Poster
Barros, Pablo; Sciutti, Alessandra

10 Generalizable Multi-Camera 3D Pedestrian Detection
3D Vision Full Paper Oral
Lima, Joao Lima; Roberto, Rafael A; Figueiredo, Lucas; Magalhães Simões, Francisco Paulo; Teichrieb, Veronica

19 Filter Distribution Templates in Convolutional Networks for Image Classification Tasks
Deep Learning Full Paper Oral
Izquierdo Cordova, Ramon; Mayol-Cuevas, Walterio

22 BAOD: Budget-Aware Object Detection
Object Detection Full Paper Oral
Pardo, Alejandro; Xu, Mengmeng Frost; Thabet, Ali K; Arbeláez, Pablo; Ghanem, Bernard

27 On Disentanglement and Mutual Information in Semi-Supervised Variational Auto-Encoders
Deep Learning Full Paper Poster
Gordon-Rodriguez, Elliott

40 I Find Your Lack of Uncertainty in Computer Vision Disturbing
Explainable AI Full Paper Oral
Valdenegro-Toro, Matias

47 A Bop and Beyond: A Second Order Optimizer for Binarized Neural Networks
Efficient Training Full Paper Poster
Suarez-Ramirez, Cuauhtemoc D; Gonzalez-Mendoza, Miguel; Chang Leonardo; Ochoa-Ruiz Gilberto; Duran-Vega, Mario A

50 MarkerPose: Robust Real-time Planar Target Tracking for Accurate Stereo Pose Estimation
Pose Estimation Full Paper Oral
Meza, Jhacson; Romero, Lenny; Marrugo, Andrés

Extended Abstracts


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6 Assessing deep learning methods for the identification of kidney stones composition in endoscopic images
Medical Extended Abstract Poster
Lopez-Tiro, Francisco; Varelo-Silgado, Andres; Mendez Ruiz, Mauricio; Hinojosa-Alcaraz, Oscar; Gonzalez-Mendoza, Miguel; Vincent Estrade; Ochoa-Ruiz Gilberto; Daul Christian

9 Mobile Convolutional Neural Network for Neonatal Pain Assessment
Image Classification Extended Abstract Oral
Carlini, Lucas P; Ferreira, Leonardo; Coutrin, Gabriel ; Varoto, Victor ; Marcondes Heiderich, Tatiany ; Balda, Rita ; Barros, Marina ; Guinsburg, Ruth ; Thomaz, Carlos E

13 Visual-Syntactic Embedding for Video Captioning
Video + Language Extended Abstract Oral
Perez-Martin, Jesus; Pérez, Jorge; Bustos, Benjamin

20 Explainable, Automated Urban Interventions to Improve Pedestrian and Vehicle Safety
Scene Analysis Extended Abstract Poster
Bustos, Cristina; Rhoads, Daniel; Solé-Ribalta, Albert; Masip, David; Arenas, Alex; Lapedriza, Agata; Borge-Holthoefer, Javier

21 High-level camera-LiDAR fusion for 3D object detection with machine learning
3D Vision Extended Abstract Poster
Salazar, Gustavo A; Saavedra, Miguel Angel; Romero Cano, Victor A

28 Improving Domain Generalization using Style Regularization
Deep Learning Extended Abstract Poster
Pérez, Gustavo

29 ProjectionNet and LRNet: Light and Fast ConvNets for Mammography Screening Projections Classification
Medical Extended Abstract Poster
Ramirez, Radames r ; Sanchez, Abraham ; Iñiguez, Marco ; Moya, Eduardo Ulises; Cabrera Sanchez, Miguel Angel; Salas Aguirre, Sofia; Haro Morales, Claudia Eunice; Sanchez Montes, Alejandro

34 Attention YOLACT++ for real-time instance segmentation of medical instruments in endoscopic procedures
Medical Extended Abstract Oral
Ángeles-Cerón, Juan Carlos; Ochoa-Ruiz, Gilberto; Chang, Leonardo; Ali, Sharib

39 Assessing the impact of visible-infrared image fusion strategies for Deep Learning-based wildfire segmentation
Medical Extended Abstract Poster
Ciprián-Sánchez, Jorge F; Ochoa-Ruiz, Gilberto; Rossi, Lucile

43 Machine learning image classification for urban land use using GEOBIA, texture and landscape metrics
Image Classification Extended Abstract Oral
Ruiz, Ivan E; Munoz, Jorge

49 Scalable Visual Attribute Extraction through Hidden Layers of a Residual ConvNet
Image Classification Extended Abstract Poster
Baloian, Andrés ; Murrugarra-Llerena, Nils ; Saavedra, Jose M M

51 ActivityNet and OSCAR: an Image Captioning model can effectively learn a Video Captioning dataset
Vision + Language Extended Abstract Poster
Byrd, Emmanuel; Gonzalez-Mendoza, Miguel

53 Finding Significant Features for Few-Shot Learning using Dimensionality Reduction Techniques
Image Classification Extended Abstract Poster
Mendez Ruiz, Mauricio; Ochoa-Ruiz, Gilberto; Garcia, Ivan; Méndez-Vázquez Andrés

55 Pedestrian Intention Prediction with Multi-Input Concatenation
Action Recognition Extended Abstract Poster
Singh, Ankur Singh; Suddamalla, Upendra

57 Underwater Vision-Based Gesture Recognition: Robustness Validation for Safe Human-Robot Interaction
Applications Extended Abstract Poster
Chavez, Arturo Gomez; AGadmin C C

58 Absolute Scale Estimation Approach for Monocular Visual Odometry
Pose Estimation Extended Abstract Poster
Díaz, Aldo A Díaz; Kurka, Paulo Kurka

59 Relative scale estimation approach for monocular visual odometry
Pose Estimation Extended Abstract Poster
Díaz, Aldo A Díaz; Kurka, Paulo Kurka

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