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3 Analysis of factors that influence the performance of biometric systems based on EEG signals
Applications Poster
Carrion, Dustin Javier*; Fonseca-Delgado, Rigoberto; Pineda, Israel

5 Deep Learning model for wildfire detection through the fusion of visible and infrared information
Deep Learning Poster
Ciprián-Sánchez, Jorge F*; Ochoa-Ruiz, Gilberto

6 Severe Weather Prediction Using Lightning Data
Applications Oral
Venzor, Iván*; ahmed, nadia; Molina, Maria J; Slipski, Marek

7 Private Reinforcement Learning with PAC and Regret Guarantees
Reinforcement Learning Oral
Vietri, Giuseppe*; Balle, Borja; Krishnamurthy, Akshay; Wu, Steven

8 Semantic Segmentation of Jet Fire Temperature Zones using Deep Learning
Deep Learning Poster
Pérez Guerrero, Carmina; Ciprián Sánchez, Jorge F*; Méndez Ruiz, Mauricio; Ochoa Ruiz, Gilberto

9 Safety Aware Reinforcement Learning (SARL)
Applications Poster
Miret, Santiago; Majumdar, Somdeb; Wainwright, Carroll

10 Model Misspecification in Multiple Weak Supervision
Machine Learning Oral
Rühling Cachay, Salva; Boecking, Benedikt; Dubrawski, Artur

12 Inferring Aggressive Driving Behavior from Smartphone Data – Smartphone’s sensors meet Inception
Deep Learning Poster
Narváez, Aarón; González, Luis C*; Wahlström, Johan

13 Learning a causal structure: a Bayesian Random Graph approach
Machine Learning Oral
Gonzalez-Soto, Mauricio; Feliciano-Avelino, Ivan R*; Sucar, Luis E*; Escalante Balderas, Hugo J*

18 Robust Asynchronous and Network-Independent Cooperative Learning
Machine Learning Poster
Mojica-Nava, Eduardo; Yanguas-Rojas, David; Uribe, Cesar A*

19 Revisiting Rainbow: Promoting more insightful and inclusive deep reinforcement learning research
Reinforcement Learning Poster
Obando Ceron, Johan S*; Castro, Pablo S*

21 Quantum Machine Learning concepts andapplications
Machine Learning Poster
Iyer, Vijayasri; Orduz-Ducuara, Javier A*

23 Inspecting state of the art performance and NLP metrics in image-based medical report generation
Deep Learning Poster
Pino, Pablo; Parra, Denis; Messina, Pablo; Besa, Cecilia; Uribe, Sergio

27 Automatic Georeferencing of Map Images Using Unsupervised Learning and Graph Analysis
Applications Poster
Arriaga-Varela, Enrique; Takahashi, Toru

32 A Quaternion Monogenic Layer Resilient to Large Brightness Changes in Image Classification
Deep Learning Poster
Sánchez, Abraham; Moya-Sánchez, E*; Xambó, Sebatiá; Salazar-Colores, Sebastián; Cortés, Ulises

33 Unsupervised Difficulty Estimation with Action Scores
Deep Learning Oral
Arriaga, Octavio; Valdenegro-Toro, Matias

34 Automatic Detection and Classification of Tick-borne Skin Lesions using Deep Learning
Deep Learning Poster
Pfeifer, Lauren M*; Valdenegro-Toro, Matias

39 Forget About the LiDAR: Self-Supervised Depth Estimators with MED Probability Volumes
Deep Learning Oral
Gonzalez, Juan L*; Kim, Munchurl

40 An evaluation metric for generative models using hierarchical clustering
Deep Learning Oral
Carvalho, Gustavo Sutter; Ponti, Moacir

42 Covariate Shift Adaptation in High-Dimensional and Divergent Distributions
Machine Learning Poster
Polo, Felipe M*; Vicente, Renato

45 Towards forensic speaker identification in Spanish using triplet loss
Deep Learning Poster
Maqueda, Emmanuel; Álvarez Jiménez, Javier; Meza Ruiz, Ivan V*

46 Generative Adversarial Stacked Autoencoders
Deep Learning Oral
Ruiz-Garcia, Ariel; Almakky, Ibrahim; Palade, Vasile; Hicks, Luke

47 Binary Segmentation of Seismic Facies Using Encoder-Decoder Neural Networks
Deep Learning Oral
Lima, Gefersom; Ramos, Gabriel; Rigo, Sandro; Zeiser, Felipe; da Silveira, Ariane

48 Self-Supervised Transformers for Activity Classification using Ambient Sensors
Machine Learning Poster
Hicks, Luke; Palade, Vasile; Almakky, Ibrahim; Ruiz-Garcia, Ariel

49 Predicting metrical patterns in Spanish poetry with language models
Natural Language Processing Poster
de la Rosa, Javier; González Blanco, Elena; Ros, Salvador

50 Study, Attend and Predict: Academic Performance Prediction using Transformers
Applications Oral
Araque, Nicolas; Catapano, Mario; Gennaro, Massimo

51 Performance Variability in Zero-Shot Classification
Deep Learning Oral
Molina, Matías; Sánchez, Jorge

52 Robust Optimization over Networks Using Distributed Restarting of Accelerated Dynamics
Machine Learning Oral
Ochoa, Daniel E*; Poveda, Jorge I*; Uribe, César A*; Quijano, Nicanor

53 Overcoming Transformer Fine-Tuning process to improve Twitter Sentiment Analysis for Spanish Dialects
Natural Language Processing Oral
Palomino, Daniel

55 Graph Neural Networks Learn Twitter Bot Behaviour
Machine Learning Poster
Orozco, Albert M*; Lévy, Sacha; Rabbany, Reihaneh

56 Detecting Damaged Regions after Natural Disasters using Mobile Phone Data: The Case of Ecuador
Machine Learning Oral
Castillo-López, Galo; Guaranda, María-Belén; Layedra, Fabricio; Vaca, Carmen

62 Neural language models for text classification inevidence-based medicine
Machine Learning Oral
Carvallo, Andrés; Parra, Denis; Rada, Gabriel; Pérez, Daniel; Vásquez, Juan; Vergara, Camilo

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